Aetheria Motors is a digital consignment service, selling used cars, trucks, RVs, and boats on behalf of private sellers. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free buying and selling experience for buyers and sellers.

You can sell your car, truck, RV, or boat on your own, but it may take a while to get a sale. We’re experts in matching buyers and sellers. Because we have an extensive network of buyers, we can sell your vehicle faster at a price up to 10-25% higher than what you can get trying to sell it on your own while still providing a great deal to the buyer. You get an entire team working for you.

Our experts can research and appraise the item to know how likely it is to sell and at what price.

Our copywriters can maximize item exposure by using keywords that will most likely match the buyer’s search.

Our shipping team carefully preps and ships your item so it arrives promptly and in good condition to minimize returns.

Our brand and our top-notch reputation increase the likelihood of buyers purchasing your vehicle through our platform.

Unfortunately, our business model isn’t focused on advertising. Items are listed by owners directly on popular marketplaces. We only handle the sales and transporting of items.

You create the buying request on the item page.

We notify the seller, asking for approval.

Once the seller approves the purchase, we send you an email with the invoice and further instructions.

You complete the payment and provide confirmation.

Within one business day of receiving the payment, we ship the item to you.

Our technical inspector performs a pre-delivery inspection.

You have 14 days to accept or return the item.

If you accept the item, we pay the seller. If you return the item, the seller pays the shipping fee and you receive a refund in 1 to 3 business days.

Your payment will be held with Aetheria Motors until the item is delivered and you are completely satisfied with its quality. Seller's payment is released only when you confirm the item has been received in good condition.

In case we do not hear back from you within 14 days of item delivery, we feel it would be fair to assume that you are satisfied with the item's quality, size, physical condition, and specification, and will release the payment to the seller.

In case you are not satisfied with the item delivered and inform Aetheria Motors within 14 days of delivery, Aetheria Motors will resolve your complaint end-to-end within 72 hours from the time the complaint is raised.

If Aetheria Motors is not able to provide a resolution within 72 hours, then we will automatically refund the amount paid for the item. Note: At delivery, you will be walked through a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) which will give you a general idea of the item's condition. The PDI report must be kept until the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee ends and will be required in case the item needs to be returned. When a complaint is raised for a delivered item, the seller is paid only after the issue is resolved and you are satisfied with the resolution.

It covers the following situations:

  • You have paid for the item but didn't receive it.
  • You have received a damaged/defective item or it doesn't comply with the quality, size, physical condition, and specification as per your original purchase.
  • You have received an item which you're not satisfied with because of its fit/size.

No, we'll collect it for free within the first 14 days!

Refunds will be made through the original payment method used at the time of placing the purchase. It takes 5-7 business days to process refunds.

Buyers who go through us can find great deals at prices typically 10-25% lower than buying through a dealer or retail outlet. You buy directly from the seller and avoid paying for markups. To help you understand the value of the item you choose, we show you the same market data that we provide sellers to help them price their items fairly.

Currently, we only accept wire transfers.

Yes, you can, but you would need to set up an appointment with us.

Because we have a large volume of items in our storage facilities, we require an appointment. We also want to protect our customers and property, which are private areas restricted from public access.

We provide full forwarding services to handle cars, trucks, RVs, and boats of any size. We choose the best shipping method to be efficient and cost-effective. Aetheria Motors has the trucks, trailers, equipment, permits, and registration to transport any size vehicle from any location. Our process allows us to haul and move items up to a 40-foot boat.

Please contact our support to start the process or get more information.